The Implications Of Diseases On Human Physiology

There are many unsubstantiated beliefs among common people when it comes to physical health – in particular diseases and sickness. These beliefs, though are unfounded, are firmly entrenched in their psyche. These are the ones who do not wish to analyse the issue deeper and think them through carefully. For instance, disbelievers will be prone to throw sceptical questions like can it be possible at all that sexually transmitted disease are transferred by oral sex alone? Can I really get cancer from smoking? Can men get breast cancer? Really?

Some firmly believe that certain diseases belong to a particular gender only. What we need to understand first and foremost is that the physiology of a human being is very unique and complicated at the same time...

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The Misled Perceptions Of Men On Diseases

Health is a precious asset. While we are still young and full of vigour, this is something that a lot of us tend to take for granted. There is that feeling that nothing can rock our boat and we do not entertain any thoughts on death and disease. So if someone were to walk in and casually ask Do males get breast cancer like females do – the question would probably be met by derisive laughter by the men. Most probably, this kind of question would only get thrown out during some pub outings, where nobody wanted to entertain any serious thoughts at all. Consequently, the question is stripped of its dignity.

Ladies would find it distasteful when these quarters treat a question relating to life or death like can guys get breast cancer with a thumbing of their nose...

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An Unhealthy Lifestyle And The Illness It Causes

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically over the years. It has become more sedentary, involving much less physical activities. Add to that, our dietary consumption now contains more processed food and a whole lot less of natural goodness. Consider that we are not even sure how much of our grocery shopping ends up in the fridge. There are just too many secondary food elements processed with chemicals which satiate the taste bud but impact negatively on our body. All this would add up to something that is not so encouragingly positive. There are a lot of harmful agents which we allow ourselves to get exposed to.

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We tend to pay little attention when our state of health declines, and unfortunately modern medication also mainly looks at treating the symptoms – aspir...

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